Three Tips To Help Expand Your Toddler's Vocabulary Before They Start Preschool

It is never too early to jump start your toddler's vocabulary development. In order for your child to be successful in schooling, it is important to find ways to expand their vocabulary before they even start preschool. While it may be cute the way your child mispronounces some words, it is important for you to teach them the proper way to say words while they are still young. Below is a list of helpful tips you can use in order to get your toddler on the fast track to speaking properly before they enter preschool.

Introduce New Words

It may not seem like it, but your child's age is a huge advantage when it comes to teaching. A toddler's brain is still developing so they are always looking for new things to learn. Their brains are like sponges and will soak in any information you teach them during new and exciting situations. You can use routine events to teach your child new things. For instance, while you are shopping, instead of telling your child that you need to buy chicken, call it poultry. Explain to your child what poultry is. You just introduced a new word to your child without any hassle. You can do this with any daily errand you have. If you see a lizard outside, you can explain that a lizard is a reptile or that a puppy is a mammal.

Expand The Interests

In order for a toddler to really be interested in what you are saying, you have to talk about what they are interested in. Whether it be dinosaurs or fish, pick a topic and introduce new terms and topics that your child may not have heard of before. For example, if your child is obsessed with fish, you can talk about the many kinds of fish there are. If your child knows that fish covers a wide variety of sea life, they will be more open to learning and retaining these new words. Hold a conversation with your child about trout, catfish and even dolphins and sharks. This will open your child up to knowing more words than just the broad terms.


It is normal for your toddler to use baby talk, even while they are learning more difficult words and terms. It may be tempting to let them know they aren't saying the word right; however, this will only frustrate your child, which may cause you to become frustrated. Instead, when your child uses baby talk, rephrase the sentence for them. For instance, if your child comes to you and asks for "wa-wa", rephrase the sentence by saying, "Yes, I can get you some water." There are several reasons why a toddler will choose to use baby talk, whether it's anxiety or major changes in the household. You can't use these baby words because your child will think it is okay to use them as well. Simply rephrasing the sentence so that your child hears the correct way to say a word will help them get out of the comfort zone of using baby talk.

Your toddler is never too young to develop a better vocabulary. If you want them to have great jump start in school, it is best to help them develop their vocabulary before they even start preschool. By using the tips listed above, you will set your child on the right path to easy learning and development when they begin school. Then they will be ready to learn even more when they attend a school like McLean Children's Academy.