Assumptions About Adopting Children

For individuals that are wanting to grow their families, adopting a child can be an option that they may consider. Unfortunately, there are many assumptions about adopting children that could lead to those individuals not giving the adoption process adequate attention.

Assumption: Adopting A Child Will Be A Quick Process

Unfortunately, there are individuals that will greatly underestimate the length of time that is involved with adopting a child. This is due to the fact that the adoption agency will need to spend considerable resources to verify that the adoptee will be able to provide a safe and healthy environment for the child. In addition to this process, there will also be a need to prepare and file documents for this process. Depending on the particular factors involved with your case, the entire adoption process could take anywhere from several months to a year or longer.

Assumption: You Have To Be Extremely Wealthy To Be Approved For Adoption

Many people may not consider adopting due to the belief that a person will have to be extremely wealthy in order to be approved. In reality, there is no requirement for a person to be very wealthy to adopt. Rather, the adoption agency will strive to determine whether the adopting family will have the resources to provide a stable and comfortable life for the child. While there will be fees involved with adopting a child, these fees can vary substantially from one adoption agency to another. During your initial consultation with the adoption agency, it can be useful to review the full list of fees that may be involved with navigating and completing the adoption process.

Assumption: You Must Own A Large Home To Qualify For Adoption

Some people may be under the impression that they will have to own a house to be able to adopt. While there is a need to ensure the child will have enough space, there are many individuals that live in apartments, condos, or townhomes that will be more than large enough to accommodate the space that a child will need. Typically, the adoption agency will want to conduct a thorough inspection of the home to verify that it is suitable for children, both in terms of the size of the housing and the overall safety of the structure. While many of those going through the adoption process will find this step particularly stressful, it is typically far easier than they may have expected.

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