Helping Your Child Get The Most Out Of Preschool: What You Should Know

When you enroll your child in preschool, you are taking an important step to help them get a great start in their academic life. However, just sending them off to preschool may not be enough to maximize the benefits they could be getting from a preschool education. So, get to know some of the things that you can do to give your child the best possible start in their education as you can. [Read More]

Finding After School Day Care For Your Child That Is Struggling In School

Do you have a child that is struggling with their schoolwork? Are you a working parent that can't be home when your child gets out of school each day? If you fit into this category of a working parent with a child that is struggling in school, you probably know how important it is to find a day care program that will meet your needs. Day Care Structure Day care programs are not all structured the same. [Read More]

Why Do WAHMs Need Child Care?

You've made the decision to be a WAHM (i.e., work at home mom), and you think that you've nixed the need for child care. Or have you? Sending your little one to a child care center isn't just for work-out-of-the-home parents. Why? Check out these reasons why you might need a daycare center, even if you work at home. The educational benefits. Don't be duped by the 'care' part of the words 'child care'. [Read More]